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At TSR DARASHAW LIMITED. we believe and understand that outsourcing alliances aren't about strategic synergy between one boss man/woman and another boss woman/man (though it may start there). They are about integrating "our" organization from top to bottom with "your" organization. This task not only involves the people who work "for" us, in our own company; it also involves us being involved with the folks in our partner's organizations...many steps down the line. "Down" that line is "up" the line ... when it comes to successful outsourcing!
Outsourcing....benefiting organizations
Outsourcing is the use of external providers for service, typically handled internally, on a regular or permanent basis. ..   
History of outsourcing.
The modern languages deal with an increasing number of new concepts and ideas. To cope with an ever-evolving vocabulary, languages use abstraction to help create the new concepts and ideas.   
Outsourcing isn't what it used to be
Outsourcing is a business practice that conjures up different images and feelings for many people. To some, outsourcing is a threat. To others,..   
Outsourcing Benefits
Outsourcing eliminates the administrative burden of Payroll. It allows you to re-deploy resources and to focus on strategic activities that increase revenue growth and build competitive advantage.
Our Role
We provide end to end solution for Payroll and Employee's Trust Fund Administration and Management. Take over Business Process by us is preceded by BPR and advice on Best Practices in the Industry.
Our download section consists of forms which will be required for official transactions, etc.
(requires Acrobat Reader bottom)
PF Forms for members of Exempted Trust
Pension Forms
Tax Related Forms
Login Procedure PPT
Tax Forecast PPT
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